Corvallis to San Francisco - March 29, 2013

We woke up on Friday the 29th feeling slightly refreshed, but more concerned with the situation at the Subaru dealership. After getting ourselves fired up, we complained to the manager of the dealership (this always works!) and got things sorted out. The lesson we learned: be firm but respectful and state your intentions and issues clearly. We had our car back with a new tire, with no hub cap :( and ready to go by 11:30am. As a ‘we’re sorry for treating you like crap’ gesture, they threw in a few car wash so we took the car down the street and had her cleaned off before embarking on our southward journey to San Francisco. Also, due to the need to file a claim on the faulty tire, we had to load the blown out tire into our already-full car and transport it back to Los Angeles with us. As if the backseat wasn’t full enough…Doh!imageEthan cozying up in the backseat with our spent tire!

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Portland to Crater Lake - March 28, 2013

After two nights at a nice hotel, the plan was to depart from Portland on the 28th and head south towards Crater Lake. Unfortunately that plan was derailed about an hour and half south of Portland, when we suffered a tire blowout on the 5 south just east of Corvallis, OR. Luckily there weren’t too many cars near us when it happened, but it was scary all the same.


Blown out rear tire

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Portland, Oregon - March 26 - 28, 2013

The drive from Grant’s Pass to Portland is largely unexciting, although still a beautiful drive. Along the way we hit the 1000 mile mark on our trip..woo hoo! It took about four hours and we arrived in Portland in the early afternoon to overcast skies and a slight breeze. We were able to check into our hotel, The Red Lion Lodge on the Columbia River and the Oregon-Washington border. I found a good deal when booking the hotel so we stayed there for two nights at way reduced rates. The room was nice and there was a hot tub that we enjoyed one night. Our main goal in Portland was to check out the scene and go to some dank breweries to try some delicious beers…

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Oregon Caves National Monument - March 25, 2013

After a refreshing night camping out in the redwoods, we woke up and rekindled our fire and cooked some breakfast. We hung around the campsite for a while and eventually packed up and headed north again, this time toward Del Norte Coast Redwood and Jedediah Smith Redwood State Parks. On the way we took a short detour to do another coastal scenic drive.


Northern California Coast

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Redwood National Park - March 24, 2013

On Sunday morning we woke up refreshed and ready to hit the road again. We had been expecting cooler, wetter weather and got a little more of it this day. We had a nutritious breakfast of leftover pizza and beer (had to make room in the cooler) and set course for Redwood National Park, about an hour or so north of Eureka. The drive up the 101 rides close to the coast through beautiful, rolling redwood forest. We passed through a few smaller state and local parks before arriving in Redwood National Park proper.

Our plan was to camp in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, just north of RNP. The national park itself does not have any campgrounds, but the state parks surrounding it do.

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Humboldt Redwoods State Park - March 23, 2013

We left the city behind us and began our journey to northern California around 2am on Saturday the 23rd. With a 9 hour drive ahead of us, we figured it would be best to maximize our daylight in the giant redwoods by driving through part of the night. We passed San Francisco and the Bay around 9 in the morning, taking the 101 North through Santa Rosa and Ukiah before coming upon Humboldt Redwoods State Park. By noon we were in the midst of the giants. There are some serious huge trees along the Avenue of Giants,

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It’s about that time..

Well it seems that the travel blog has been inactive for quite some time! Never fear, it is just about time we got back to our warm-weather adventures. Not too much has happened since last year as we’ve both been busy with work and what-have-you. We took a week long trip this past March/April up the Northern California coast to the Redwoods, into Oregon and all the way up to Portland. We spent a few days in Portland checking out the sites and then made our way back down to San Francisco. I’ll be sure to find some time to add stories of our adventures on that trip before we get into anything else and forget to update again!



Tahoe Thanksgiving Trip, November 2012

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Mount San Gorgonio - July 11 - 13, 2012

We returned to the Yellow Post sites in July to camp for a night before summitting Mount San Gorgonio, the tallest peak in Southern California. The time our trip occurred during the week and the Yellow Post area was practically empty. We scored an awesome, private site with plenty of shade for our night to acclimate. We mostly hung out and relaxed in preparation for our 25+ mile backpacking adventuring that would begin the following day.

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